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HTML5 Gamepad Tester

Displays info about all gamepads connected to your computer

Press any button on your gamepad(s) to make them show up

no gamepads connected

{{$index + 1}} n/a

{{$index + 1}} {{}}

  • {{gamepad.timestamp}}
  • {{gamepad.index}}
  • {{mappingString(gamepad.mapping)}}
  • {{axis | number:6}}
  • {{buttonValue(button) | number:2}}


Why isn't my gamepad showing up?
The Gamepad API is still inconsistent across browsers and OSes. Some things to check:
  • Is the device plugged in / connected via bluetooth
  • Press some buttons. On some devices, only certain buttons will wake up the gamepad API (the shapes on PS3 controllers, for instance)
  • Close other apps that may be using the gamepad
  • Restart your web browser
What information is being displayed here?
Multiple gamepads can be connected to a computer at once. This displays them all, and their current state.
  • Timestamp: the time of the latest update from the gamepad
  • Axis [N]: The current position of the gamepad's analog inputs
  • B [N]: The current on/off position of buttons. Supports analog buttons.